A Valley of Light and Shadow

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In Sin City, what does it mean to be “sinful”? And how much do we concede in order to see ourselves as “good”? A Valley of Light and Shadow walks the thin neon line between salvation and damnation. Surrounded by cannabis dispensaries and slot machines, these Las Vegas writers find their sense of right and wrong unmoored. Some reach a realization that their earlier moral lines were naively drawn. Others come to terms with the notion that Las Vegas is where good people go to submit to vice or where bad people land, hoping for a second chance. And some celebrate the best parts of Las Vegas, where good people can achieve great things. In this 11th volume of the annual Las Vegas Writes anthology, 14 local writers share their deepest and most tantalizing stories about surviving in shadow and thriving in light, crafting an enduring message for the future. Contributing Writers: Jarret Keene, Keith A. Brantley, Brittany Bronson, Krista Diamond, Dana Jerman, Don Hall, Eric Duran-Valle, Fawn Douglas, Samantha Goodman, Tim Chizmar, Glenn Puit, Beth C. Rosenberg, Elizabeth Quiñones-Zaldaña, Laura Decker