Aura Moss Agate Tower

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Wow! Have you seen these Aura Moss Agate Towers yet? This ocean of heavenly energy is here to bless you with its all-encompassing vibration. Imagine entering an astral plane brimming with magical possibilities.  Aura Moss Agate holds a special power, created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to moss agate - casting iridescent rainbows that energize both body and soul. This dynamic duo signals a breakthrough in terms of metaphysical power. While aura treatment alone bolsters connection with ethereal realms and spirit guides, aura treated moss agate offers a major boost of grounding energy that reaches straight down into the Earth’s core - perfect for work involving divine healing, spiritual connection, and connecting with nature on a deep level. In fact, farmers in bygone days used to sow this stone amidst their crops for robust yields! ​​