Blood Unbound: A Loki Devotional

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Thief and giver of gifts. Liar and revealer of difficult truths. Friend to Thor, blood-brother to Odin, and enemy of the Aesir gods at Ragnarok. Cunning trickster. Loving parent and spouse. Changemaker. The Norse god Loki occupies an ambiguous and controversial position in both modern polytheistic practice and old Scandinavian mythology. He (or they, or she...) disrupts the status quo and crosses borders between worlds and identities, offering a home to those who feel like outsiders.

In this book, Bat Collazo and a community of 15 other contributors offer art, poetry, essays, fiction, rituals, and more in devotion to Loki. Whether you know Loki well, or are just beginning your journey, this book offers a path leading closer to this bound and boundless god.