Copper Bracelet

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Over the centuries, countless civilizations have relied on the power of copper to improve health and overall wellness. Wearing copper has many health benefits, it is a calming metal. The bracelet draws the power of copper directly to your wrist to increase energy levels, improve sleep, and enhance overall wellness. Recommended to wear it tight on the wrist so that the copper is in constant touch with the skin to get maximum benefits. Consider a copper bracelet especially if you play tennis, golf, baseball, and other high-stress sports for your wrists and arms. MAGNETIC COPPER BRACELET - Strong rare earth magnets close to the wrist. ADJUSTABLE TO FIT MOST WRIST - With open closure, you can adjust, tighten or loosen the bracelet to the most comfortable size on your wrist. Dimensions: Braided Copper Bracelet 7cm Copper, Brass and Aluminium Bracelet 7cm Magnetic Copper Bracelet 6.5cm Retro Copper Bracelet 6.5cm Twisted Copper, Brass and Aluminium Bracelet 8cm