Crystal Skull Head Keychain, 2cm

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Crystal Skull Head Keychain, 2cm. The shape of the skull brings a high-energy vibration, which makes it the first choice for healing. In metaphysics, the crystal skull was used for ritual work, energy work, healing reiki and enhancing one's psychic abilities. With a wide range of applications, our keychain has many uses. It can not only be applied to hang your keys but also as a pendant to hang on your school bag, door and any other places you need to decorate. All skulls have been intricately hand-carved from natural crystals, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as size, shape, inclusions, and colour. FASHIONABLE - This gemstone keychain has a beautiful design, simple but fashionable. MULTIUSE - This handmade skull head keychain is unique. It can be used as a keychain pendant, bag hanging ornament, and car charm. TIMELESS PIECE - Designed to make you feel confident, with beautiful gemstones that are the epitome of nature and beauty.