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Hello, I’m Scorpio Wytch, but you can call me Crow if that’s easier for you!  Welcome to Blaspheme Boutique!  I’m very excited and honored to have this opportunity.  I’m a practicing Wiccan witch, and my specialty is tarot and other forms of divination.  I love being able to help people in both their personal and spiritual lives.  I never, ever, perform harmful or evil magic to anyone or anything.  I’ve been an experienced tarot reader for many years and previously worked for a psychic phone line run by a local high priestess.  The magical community here in Las Vegas is my family, I was born here, my roots are here, and it’s only fair that I give back as much as I can.  

At this moment, I have a small menu of services that I can do.  I’ll have more things to offer in time, and you can follow me on both my Facebook and Instagram.  If you have a question, I’ll answer it.  I’m a proud supporter of LGBTQA+, as well as the Black, Asian, and Latino communities.  I will never turn down a client, regardless of your sex, class, race, orientation, religion, etc.  However, due to my personal preferences, I will NOT answer any medical or political questions.  I will politely turn them down, and you might have to choose another question.

I’m here to help you, healing is close, and I’m more than happy show you what the cards have to say!!