Thank you!

It's been a wild and crazy 2020 so far!
We are a small business; a husband and wife team running this ragtag upstart out of our home and supporting our family.
We hand make a majority of our products and rely on suppliers for the rest.
Our business, like many others, has been affected in ways we were not prepared for.  We've faced extraordinary operational and financial challenges like so many.
For those of you who purchased items from our store that are being shipped from international suppliers, we, unfortunately, cannot control the delays or lost packages due to the pandemic and have done our best to track down packages or address the issues we can.
We know it's frustrating to have to wait over a month or even up to three months for some of these items and thank you for being patient with us during this time.   We will continue to offer the best solutions that we can.

We hope to weather this storm with the support of our customers and hope you all are safe and healthy during this time

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