Abalone Shell

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Abalone shells are naturally occurring shells, coming from marine gastropod molluscs. The shell forms in a low spiral, originating from one spot toward the bottom, with respiratory pores (air holes) along the outer edge. A beautiful addition to home decor, and a functional flame-proof piece for smudging rituals and more. Each shell has been polished and heat-sealed with a resin in order to protect its beautiful, natural colours. Abalone shells are created by nature, so please expect unique variations in colour, pattern, and size. ROUGH OUTER HULL - The abalone shell has a rough but very beautiful outer hull. It protects the shell so the product lasts for a long time. PURE NATURAL ABALONE SHELL - Can be used to burn incense, palo santo or white sage. With rainbow colours, add vitality to any room. MEDITATION BURNING TRAY - It can relax the whole body and remove negative energy. It can also clean the room and keep the fragrance.