Kitchen Witch

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Magic, superstition, cooking, and food rituals have been intertwined since ancient times. Kitchen Witch explores this history and culture and that of herbalists, wise women, cooks, cunning folk, and the name many of them would come to bear: witch. Welcome to a place of great magic—the kitchen! Kitchen Witch is an invitation to see the magic in every corner of your kitchen. With the Kitchen Witch as our guide, we’ll explore food, nature, magic, and transformation. We’ll discover what the name of “Kitchen Witch” could mean to us in modern interpretations of ancient practices. May this book of stories and ideas show that there’s magic in the mundane, witchcraft within your walls, and the goddess really is in the details. Within this book you’ll find no recipes, but something cooked up just for you; you’ll find stories—stories of magic, healing, and hearth, of feasts and fasts and fairy tales. Of poisoned apples, bewitching gingerbread, and seeing the future in a teacup…